Programs and Groups

Emerge offers targeted programs and group therapy at a low cost.   Our programs are evidence based and tailored to work within the Australian context.  Programs available for enrolment are:

Long Term Therapy

"Core"              Emotional Regulation Program.

Designed to improve emotional wellbeing and resolve distress associated with pervasive patterns of emotional instability.  Suitable for people experiencing difficulties associated with intensity of emotions, especially within interpersonal contexts.

Our "Core" program is Schema Focused Therapy,  A proven therapy assisting people suffering with emotional instability.

Analytics”         Personal Individuation.

                                Designed to overcome being “Stuck” in life and get relief from distress associated with emotional instability.

                                Become content and restart your personal individuation to regain a meaningful life.

Short Term Therapy

"CoolMe"                  Anger Management Program.

Designed to alleviate inappropriate anger and the associated distress.  Suitable for people 18 and over with difficulties associated with intensity and/or duration of anger.

This program is based upon Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a proven therapy assisting people with emotional difficulties and helping them get their life back on track.

"Relief"                     Mood and Anxiety Relief Program.

Designed to improve mood, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Suitable for people 18 and over suffering from mild to moderate symptoms of depression and/ or anxiety.

This program is a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, a proven therapy assisting people with dysfunctional thought and behaviour patterns which bring about low mood and anxieties.

"Thrive VCE"           Advanced academic performance program.

Designed to improve academic performance whilst supporting personal well-being.  Suitable for students wanting to improve learning and grades and reduce assessment anxiety.

"Survive VCE"           Stress and Mood Management program.

Designed to improve personal well-being and enhance coping skills.  Suitable for students experiencing stress, anxiety and poor mood.

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PDFs of each program are available from our resources page.