Information for GPs

As a referring health professional you can be assured that therapy applied by our psychologists is to your client's benefit.

At Emerge CPS we assess the client's difficulties, provide a formulation that makes sense to them and apply evidence based therapies.  We integrate science into our practice and keep up-to-date with research to guide treatment planning.  It means your clients can be confident they are getting a psychological therapy that targets their particular difficulties.

We promise a smooth and pro-active referral process, succinct reporting and open communication and consultation.


Our preference is for referrals to arrive by fax, email or with the client.  We will attend to posted referrals equally efficiently.

Our email address for referrals is not listed on this website to prevent spam.  Please use our Contact page to initiate contact and we will respond ASAP.

You can refer directly to any psychologist at Emerge CPS.  However we provide a triage service to assist in matching the client to a psychologist well suited to that client's presentation and circumstances.  On completing a review of the client's needs, we will consult with you on this matching process.

All referrals under the Better Access initiative must include a mental health plan.

Under the Better Access initiative client's may gain rebates for up to 10 individual sessions in a calendar year and 10 group sessions in a calendar year.

Therapy Formats

Emerge CPS provides therapy in both individual and group formats, and we recommend taking into account the client's preferences.  Following assessment, we will suggest a treatment program for the client and consult with you on the format of therapy.